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What is content writing ?


How to write better content

Tools for Content writing

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Topic Covered :

  1. What is content writing?
  2. Classification
  3. How to write better content?
  4. Content terminology
  5. Tools for content writing
  6. How to earn millions from Content writing?
  7. Portfolio creation
  8. Common Mistakes to avoid.

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Kajal Singh Blogger

Loved your ebook! I actually feel like I can write winning content now.
Thank you blogging mafias .


Aman raj Content writer on fiverr

You made it so simple. My new site has now much better content than before only because of this e-book, it’s very helpful for writers!

Thanks, guys!”


Subhom roy Content Writer on

I really loved this E-book so much and wanna say a huge thank you to Team bloggingmafias who have written and published this E-book for us.


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Deepanshu Jindal the author of this Ebook, is a blogger, content writer and with that, he is a graphic designer. He focuses on quality over quantity which is why he wrote this E-book with utmost detailed knowledge and dedication.

The E-book has been published by the Blogging Mafias, which is an online platform for bloggers, where they provide professional and best of all blogging services, tools, forums, and giveaways.

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