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How To Link To External Links In WordPress With Plugins – Simple Guide

There are endless things to do in WordPress. Every WordPress user wants to link to external sources. This is a pretty important thing in SEO of the content you have done. Placing an external link in polishing to content, blog or article.

External linking boosts the performance and SEO of the content. Which directly results in better ranking in WordPress. Better ranking results in traffic directly, those who don’t want traffic!

Today, in this article, we are considering some of the major methods or approaches to link from external linking from the post title. Without wasting a single second let’s move into it.

Do you want to add an outside link as a post title in WordPress? From time to time you can just need to share a hyperlink with your users. in preference to sending them to a put up, you could want the submit name to hyperlink to the other site. In this article, we will give you the way to link to external links from the post title in WordPress.

Adding External Link To WordPress Post Title Using A Plugin

Approach : Linking post title to an external link in WordPress using Plugin

This method is simpler and is usually recommended for newbies.

The first factor you need to do is install and activate the Page Links To plugin. For more information, see our grade by grade manual on the way to deploying a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, truly create a brand new put up or edit an present one. You will observe the new ‘Page Links To’ meta field below the submit editor.

Adding a custom URL in Page Links To
Click on ‘A custom URL’ to add the link you need to feature to submit title. Now you could store or publish your post.

That’s all. The post title will now link to the custom URL you have given .

It is not necessary to apply it for external links simplest. You may additionally use it to send customers to one of a kind posts and pages on your WordPress web site.


Here’s the way, you could add to an external link to post title using a plugin. In this method, you need to use a plugin called ‘Link Post To,’ by using this plugin you can add an external link.

You could additionally use codes to add external links to post titles, however a single mistake and down your website. Hence, we encourage you to use plugins only, in case you’re a beginner in WordPress.

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