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11 Important Pages Every Blog Should Have

WordPress comes with endless possibilities. There are numerous ways to make WordPress blog more interesting and catchy. Hence, here’s 11 Important pages every blog should have wheather it is hosted and run with WordPress or Blogger or any other.

This pages important in terms of seo. Additionally, when in a search of AdSense Approval. Some of these are recougnised as the important factor. However, some of these may be seem to be useless but they also have there significance.

Without wasting time let’s get into it;

11 Important Pages Every Blog Should Have

Policy Page

This is something that is mandatory for all websites whether you’re on WordPress or on another website building platforms. This is the most important factor while getting google AdSense.

According to google guidelines, every website should provide there policy to there users. This is because we use there information together with page views to analyze engagement of the website.

In this page, you need to give detailed information related to for which purpose you are going to use of your users. It was somehow hard to create policy page. Since, a tiny mistake within the page can create a severe impact on website.

However Nowadays, it becomes to easy add policy pages without any problem as there are policy pages generator tools are available online. These tools create pages with ease and as per necessary requirements.

Custom Home Page

Home is the most viewed and most important page for any website. Hence, everyone wants to display it correctly. Widely speaking, making home page attractive is encouraging the authenticity of the website.

Since, home page is the first impression of any website. And, first impression is last impression. You can place recent post of different categories, different slides or galleries along with recent post within the website.

Hence, home page is the page every blog should have. We encourage you creating a custom home page on your website.

About Us

Almost every of the visitors will to know about the creator or the owner of website. Hence, by creating this page we can let them know about us.

About Us page enhance the appearance of the website. Any if you are willing to start e Commerce website . Then I can be mandatory for the administrator to give them information about yourself or your organization.

About Us Page is the most important and mostly visited page after home page. Hence, every professional blogger desires to make it more attractive and engaging in appearance.

Additionally, About Us page boost possibilities of getting AdSense Approval. Google loves the website with about us page. And boost the website significantly.

Contact Us

Contact Us page is also from one of the mandatory pages for Google AdSense Program. Many people thinks it is not mandatory and gets disapproval each and every time.

However, this page is one of the mandatory pages. It also motivates paid promotions, and many more. Anyone can make these pages easily.

Many people thinks making a contract page is only giving e-mail address or contact number. However, the reality is far away from it. You need to make a contact form in your contact page. Custom contact page is must while making a contact page.


Disclaimer page is must to have page for any website. Disclaimer page protects you from any type of controversy. In case we have posted some non-acceptable or content which may cause violence then from staying out of that controversy we can have Disclaimer page.

Additionally, disclaimer page allows us to stay out of copyright claims. However, it is mandatory to make content plagiarism free.

Also, if you are making money from affiliate marketing. Then you should provide information about your earnings (like: how you promote and earn from affiliates). In a nutshell, Disclaimer is mandatory for any WordPress blog.

Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions pages is not the page each blog website needs. However in case you are a larger brand or operating an ecommerce website , then have this page.

If you are presenting any services, then have this. They say it as terms of service page.

Having a right terms web page will help you in case of misunderstanding the information for your websites. It additionally enables to defend your copyright.

I’m no longer more familiar with creating terms page, so when developing do it properly. Get a few right assist and create your terms page cautiously.

Examine each factor and mention the issues and information on that page.
It’s also an essential page from a money websites factor of view.

Custom 404 Page

A Custom 404 Page is also one of the topmost ignored pages by beginners. But only professionals know about the importance of Custom 404 Page. When you delete or remove content from your website.

Then in case somebody visits that link or somebody enter wrong permalink of the post. Then the page which has shown to then is referred to as 404 Page.

It is mandatory to customize 404 page, as to provide user different post or provide the link to home page. This is directly pointing out for managing dropout rate of the website. Dropout rate plays important role in SEO of the website.

Hence, we have to put custom 404 Page. Every WordPress Blog should have custom 404 page.

Start Here Page

It’s doesn’t matters what’s your niche? However, when site gets older many of you want to engaged your audience more. Since, older sites have huge content on that, it becomes somehow mandatory for us to give this page.

Start Here page allows users to know more about our site. We can display different types of widgets such as older post, random post, about us post, more popular post, even monthly archives’ snapshots and more.

In this way, it becomes easier to manage dropout rate and engaged users within the blog.

Products/Services Page

In case you are running an e Commerce website for offering products and services, than considering making a satic page for displaying your products or services.

Displaying these styles of pages is boosting sells. In a nutshell, boosting revenue of the e Commerce website.

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