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How To Display Recent Post Of Specific Category

Have a problem in designing the website? Want to know, How to display the recent post of the specific categories in WordPress? Here’s the solution for you!

When we consider designing the sidebar or any widget within the WordPress website. We desire to make it look catchy and engaging.

Recent post motivates the website look and design. Additionally, they decrease the dropout rate of the website. Also, displaying the recent post is to divert the traffic from page to page.

When we have huge content on different categories on the website, we desire to show each to the fellows who visits our website. In this article, we will take a look and understand how to display the recent post of a specific category in WordPress?

PROCEDURE How To Display Recent Post Of Specific Category

You can display recent posts by category with the help of the default block editor with come in-built in WordPress. This is the best way to display recent posts for those who want to display and don’t want any modifications within the display section.

Follow the steps to display recent posts by categories

Step 1: go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets

Step 2: Choose where you want to display the recent post within the website.

Step 3: then place the recent post widget there

There’s a lot of modification that can be done within the block section. You can edit them by simply reading them. You can select whether or not to show featured image, title, tags. Date and lots of stuff.
When you are familiar with all the modifications, then you need to scroll down in the settings.

Step 4: in the setting of the block, there’s an option called “Filter By Categories”.

There you can choose which category you want to display on the particular page. After selecting the particular category all the modifications are done.

Step 5: Save Settings


Here’s how to display the recent post of a specific category in WordPress. This is the most effective and simplest method to display recent posts category wise.

However, there are a lot more methods to display recent posts. You can use different plugins. But, make sure you don’t edit PHP. Because a single wrong word, letter even symbol can place an error on the whole website.

Hence, we strictly warn you do not to make a disturbance in the PHP coding.

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