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How To Do SEO Of URL Properly – Expert Guidance

When a blog is been placed and completely structured, the real job of blogging started from that point. Now the work is left is to write posts and put them online.

When content is been created. We have to focus on SEO. The biggest mistake that’s done by people is the the don’t do SEO of URL. In this article, you will get the solution on How To Do SEO Of URL.

URLs are the basic address of the specific post or page. All the posts and pages which are published have unique URLs. For ranking blogs, it has been a pretty important factor to do search engine optimization(SEO) of the URLs too.

Today, in this article we are considering some basic factors and points to make URLs unique and super rated in terms of SEO. We can’t change the entire URL of the post. However, we can modify the permalink of the post.

Hence, for properly doing SEO we have to understand what is a permalink? And the types of permalinks?


The unique name of posts that come after the domain name is called permalinks. Permalinks are the main and unique sub-address of distinctive pages or blogs/articles.

Permalinks positioned after the domain address of the website. Below is the example of the permalink. The Bolded Part Is permalink.


There are many possibilities to write the permalinks in the URL of any blog or page. However, we will provide you with professional guidance to write give the best URLs.

1 – Choose The Best Format Of The URL Permalink

This factor is only for WordPress users. Blogger doesn’t offer to change the format of URLs. Hence, if you are using blogger leave this.
WordPress offers many styles to display permalinks. Like to show date and month then permalinks in the URL.

In terms of SEO, the most authentic thing is only post name after the domain name. However, you could also choose the category then permalink.
Hence, we should use the above formats. This may be the first solution on How to do SEO of URL.

2 Make Your Permalink Under Link

Post title may be too long. However, we should prefer to make permalinks short. Short permalinks in the URL are good in terms of SEO.

In terms of SEO long permalinks may make your content spam, and informal. Long URLs are hard to index and rank content on Google.

On the other hand, if the permalinks shouldn’t be too short. Short permalinks may make your content informal.

Hence, permalinks should be within 15-75 characters. This limit of the article is SEO friendly and will make your content great. Additionally, It has been observed that this limit results in fast indexing and ranking of the articles. This may be the second solution on How to do SEO of URL.

3 Permalink Should Be Similar To The Topic Of The Page Or Blog

If you are making content on blogging tips, the permalink of that content should be similar to the article. This also matters in SEO.

This factor is not only bot friendly but also it is user friendly. The bot will get the proper information about the URL and its content. Also, in case your audience sees the URL then they may cringe for observing the different URL.

Hence, we should put the title of the post in the article. This may be the 3rd solution on How to do SEO of URL.

4 Put the Focus Keyword in the article

Putting the focus keywords in the permalink of the article is provides hint to google crawlers. When google spiders point on the keywords every where within the content, they rank the articles quicker.

Keywords are the essential on ranking the articles on google. Keyword is the most important part of SEO on the content.

Hence, keyword ds should be put within the URL. This may be the 4th solution on How to do SEO of URL.

5 Design The Permalink Don’t Use The Default Permalink

Most people think that all the factors are familiar with the permalink of a certain blog or a page. Hence, they don’t design the permalink of the article manually. This may spoil the Seo.

Hence, one should design the permalink of the content manually. Manually by considering the above factors. These are the only which can give you a better ranking and the most authentic according to SEO. This may be the 5th solution on How to do SEO of URL.


In this article, we have learnt how to do Seo of URL. We have discussed some of the important factors for doing SEO of URL.

In a nutshell, the above technique is best for making the content more reliable. After knowing these factors, you can do proper SEO of the URL. However, by only doing the SEO of the URLs one can’t be assured that he or she must rank.

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