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5 Easy Steps – How To Choose Domain Name For Your Blog – Expert Structure – Blogging Mafias

Domain essential in the establishment of any website or blog. The domain is a crucial part of the website. It is the core of the website where all of the further work is been put up. Are you wondering how to choose domain name?

Choosing a perfect domain name for your website or blog is an important factor for a better fortune. There are always some factors or tips to look at while choosing the perfect domain name of a website.

In this article, we are considering some tips and tools for choosing the suitable and best domain name for your website. If a perfect domain name is not been chosen, it is certainly a hassle to change it again.

Why Choosing A Domain Name Is Crucial?

When starting a blog, or a business website people are tense as we don’t want to make any mistakes. A domain name is like a virtual address of a blog. If the address is not good people we think to come or not.

The domain is rottenly one of the primary and fundamental factors that users observe while scrolling throughout your site. A good domain name can stick in the user’s mind and one can think to visit again and again.

It isn’t an abstract science, but stepping up further we will consider the primary but the most important rules to be held in the hand while choosing a domain name.

Generally speaking, we want to present our blog as something special, memorable, unique and last but not least easy to pronounce and search for. Domain name plays a virtual rule while presenting your site.

Easy 5 Steps Solution – How To Choose Domain Name

Here are some of the guidelines for packing one of the best domain names. These criteria are designed by our experts which will not only assist u but also make your domain name suitable for your blog.

STEP #1 – Designing The Best Domain Name By Self With Our Basic Fundamentals

While designing one of the best domain names we encourage you to sit with pen and paper. You have to consider some of the common but essential principles. You have to design a name as per these principles.

Name Should Be Easy To Pronounce And Short

Length of the domain name is significantly one of the important factors. The length of the domain name is should be accomplished to 1,2 or hardly 3 words. Shorter domain names are easier to recall and also to type. Additionally, it encourages users to find your blog easily.
While making it short, you have to make it simple too. Most of the users are more likely to type and remember your blog name effortlessly and comfortably. Moreover, uncommon and complicated words may be uncommonly used and may some users find it hard to pronounce them.

Use Keywords Which Are Searched Regularly

Using a keyword in the domain can boost your website growth. Keywords are the specific words or phrases which are commonly used by people to search in search engines( Example: Google). By using the keyword, it becomes easy to not only rank but also define a blog within a word.
Putting in one of the best combinations of keywords with your brand name plays a role to put a cherry on a cake. Quality content with good user experience opens the path to rank up in the higher levels.

Keep Name Unique And Brandable
People will also consider the richness of the name. Hence, by keeping it simple, we also make sure that the name we choose should be unique. Google push unique names. Additionally, the name should be brandable.
Brandable names are catchy and memorable, also unique. Step #2 – Avoid The Following Mistakes

Step #2 – Avoid The Following Mistakes

Here are some mistakes to be avoided each mistake has a specific reason to be avoided.

Avoid Signs And Numbers In Your Domain Name
Signs like colon(; ,:) or dash (-) should be avoided. These things are mostly wiped out from peoples minds. Additionally, these characters are hard to type and can lower the authenticity of the website. Moreover, these characters may low down the credibility of the website.

Avoid To Write Doubled Letter Words
This topic may not be taken into consideration, however, double letter words may deduct traffic by typing mistakes. Avoiding it is to ensure that non of your traffic moves just by typing mistakes. Furthermore, avoiding double-letter words ensure that your domain name is unique and brandable.

Avoid using trademark names
Make sure that you wouldn’t accidentally use any of the trademark names. if you use trademark names you can get accused of copying from other bloggers.

Avoid To Put The Your Name
Google is full of knowledge. However, there are always alternative options for getting the knowledge in Google or any other search engine. According to philosophy, people thinks that organisations provide more authentic information than individuals.
To overcome this drawback, consider not to use the specific name of a person(like

Step #3 – Research For Your Domain Name

You were probably familiar with the rule that no one can use the same domain name. However, it is allowed to use the same name with different addresses (like .com, .org, .in,, .co, etc.).
By doing the proper research for your designed domain will provide you with better results. When we scroll for finding the best suitable domain, it is more likely to be already registered. So, it is better to take an alternate option.

Step #4 – Observe Your Ideas, Plans And Goals

This step is significantly pointed out to ask yourself. You have to ask yourself whether you like your domain or not. Observe the plans in your mind according to your destination. Analyze them. Then approve your domain name.
Self-happiness and self-opinion is the key that can unlock all doors to reach your goals. It’s like asking yourself and getting an opinion from your brain and mind. It has been stated by many neurologists, that self-happiness boosts interest in whatever you’re doing.
In a nutshell, we’re motivating you to choose the name that suits you, your plans, and your goals. It’s a smart option to pick out what actually, you want. This gives an idea of your niche to your users.

Step #5 – Use Tools

Using different tools allows you to do big works in a small period. Different tools like keyword researcher, domain availability checker and many more, makes your work easy, smooth and efficient.
Not being engaged in search you can go with our super easy and super efficient tools on can make your research easier.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the final conclusion of this article is the domain name is the fundamental identity of the website/blog. Every blog stands out with its content and facilities. However, a perfect domain name can be a cherry on a cake.

A perfect domain name enriches the content and authenticity of the blog. One should hassle sometime to find a suitable and efficient domain name. That’s for this article, don’t forget to use our tools only on and complete all the research on time with our services.

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