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#5 Expert Tips and Steps – Selecting The WordPress Theme Which Suit You Perfectly – Blogging Mafias

WordPress is now considered the best platform to start a website. WordPress has endless possibilities to go with.

If you want to make an e-commerce website, a blog, even a service website or a portfolio website. That certain type of website can be smoothly been made with the help of WordPress themes.

Steps/Points: Selecting The WordPress Theme

Selecting the WordPress theme is the petty important factor while constructing a WordPress website. If the proper theme is not chosen then it may create different kinds of errors on the website.

#1 – Check Whether The Theme Is Plugin Friendly Or Not

A theme should be easily modified with simple easy themes. Especially in a step in constructing the WordPress site, we have to take a look at whether the certain we’re going to use should be plugin friendly.

All the advanced features are put into WordPress with help of plugins. As it has been said, plugins are the spine of a website.

Whether you are making an e-commerce website or a blog website all the features that are necessary are applied through plugins. Hence, it has been important to check whether the theme is plugin-friendly or not, while selecting the WordPress theme.

#2 – Check Whether The Theme Is Responsive Or Not

Responsive means the website should be mobile and tab friendly. Responsiveness plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hence, we have to make sure that the theme should be responsive while selecting the WordPress theme.

The responsive nature of the themes allows users to visit websites on different devices. Indirectly, using the responsive theme is increasing the traffic on a website.

#3 – Choose Simplicity Over Graphical Looks Of Theme

There’s a huge variety of WordPress themes in the market. Many WordPress themes come with different colours, features, variants, and complex layouts. However, simpler themes look professional.

Speed of the website also helps in SEO. Simpler themes are easy to load on the other hand graphical themes may take time. Hence, simpler themes can increase speed, while graphical theme decreases speed.

When themes don’t load rapidly, Google degrades the website. Users doing visit the website. Hence, the Lower performance of the website may also increase the dropout rate of the website. Not a single administrator of the website wants it.

Additionally, graphical themes make the website down when huge traffic comes on the website. Hence, choose a simpler theme when your target is traffic. If you’re earning through Ads then we should know in simpler themes ads networks run high CPC ads.

In a nutshell, we recommend you run simpler themes. And, choose simplicity overlooks while selecting the WordPress theme for the website.

#4 – Check About Theme Updates

Themes come with different styles and sorts of features. However, when the theme is made it may generate any bugs or errors. This can’t be understood at the time when a theme is been modified.

Also, we can get more features and accessibility when we can get updates.

Hence, it becomes mandatory for us to check whether we can get updates on the theme or not, especially when purchasing the paid theme. Therefore, we should check for updates while selecting the WordPress theme.

#5 – Stick To Lightweight Themes

Again, the speed of the website plays an important part not only in terms of SEO but also put a great impression on users too. Lightweight themes are easy to load. Hence, they increase the website’s speed.

Space in hosting is a pretty essential factor. If you are using shared hosting or lower plans you must be aware to use less space. If proper care is not been taken you may need to upgrade your plans.

However, Lightweight themes took less space for hosting. Therefore, it becomes easy to choose that. Additionally, Lightweight themes also are responsive. Hence, consider choosing a lightweight theme, while selecting the WordPress theme.

Final Words

Hope you understand the protocol of themes. We assure you can pick the best theme. The theme which can suit you, your website and your niche.

Themes plays a virtual role in the website. Hence, one should check the pay attention while selecting the WordPress theme for website.

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