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How To Rename Uncategorized Category In WordPress

Renaming Uncategorized category in WordPress

You cannot delete a default category, but you may rename it. You want to go to Posts » categories web page in the WordPress admin and click on at the edit hyperlink underneath the Uncategorized class.

Edit Uncategorized category to rename it
This could deliver you to the category edit display wherein you can rename your category and exchange its URL slug.

Renaming category
If your website isn’t always live or indexed via search engines like google, then you could change the URL slug.

However, in case your web page is live, then changing the URL slug will end result into 404 mistakes when search engines like google or real users go to the antique URL.

Don’t fear, we can display you a way to setup redirects later in this newsletter.

Converting Default category in WordPress
You may additionally easily exchange the default class in WordPress. First make certain you have got a class other than uncategorized to be had.

When you have a class which you would really like to apply as default, then you may skip this step. In any other case, go to Posts » categories and create a brand new category.

Add new category in WordPress

Now go to Settings » Writing web page. The first option at the page is to set a default submit category.

Click at the drop down menu subsequent to it and pick out the default category you would really like to apply.

Default submit category placing in WordPress
Don’t forget to click at the save changes button to shop your settings.

WordPress will now use the class you selected because the default class. If you overlook to assign a category to a submit, then it’ll be filed under this default class.

However, posts filed underneath uncategorized will now not be moved to the new category. You can edit the ones posts and exchange their class.

If there are simply a couple of posts, then you could do it manually. Otherwise, you could want to test out our guide on a way to bulk flow posts to categories and tags in WordPress.

You could additionally delete the ‘Uncategorized’ category. If a publish changed into handiest filed beneath uncategorized, then it is going to be automatically moved for your new default category.

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